Rental Conditions - Mundo Autocaravanas

Rental Conditions

  1. Fine for cancellation of booking:
    • 30 days before the booking date, 30% of the total rent;
    • 15 days before the booking date, 15% of the total rent;
    • 15 days from the booking date, 100% of the total rent;
    • verified COVID health reasons, 50€ for office expenses + 7% IGIC.
  2. Available under request FULL COVER INSURANCE with an excess of 600€/claim 15€ per night.
  3. Deposit of 600€ for all bookings.
  4. The deposit Will be returned 8 days after the drop off of the vehicle.
  5. The Vehicle must be returned clean with Toilet tank and Grey Water tank emptied as well:
    • Fine for cleaning 80€;
    • Fine for Toilet tank or Grey water tank not emptied 50€.
  6. Driver must be over 23, have had their full driving license for 2 year.
  7. No Smoking in the vehicle at all times:
    • PFine for Sanitation and Hozonization 100€.
  8. The Deposit does not cover any damage for vandalism, cleaning or internal reparation, as it s the Client responsibility to maintain the vehicle in the same conditions.
  9. Pick up time 12.00 am, Drop off time 10.00:
    • Any drop off later than 12.00 will be charged 60€+IGIC per Hour (the maximum per day chargeable will be 500€ plus IGIC).
  10. Telephone Customer Service from 9am till 9pm: +34 632 453 939.
  11.  LThe company reserves the right to change the booked vehicle before the pick-up in case of accident, malfunctioning, etc.